Travelling Kennels

Golden Arrow Shippers Box Making

The freight charges, which is what usually costs the most, are based on the size of kennel used, rather than the weight. We therefore do not use stock-sized kennels, they are tailor-made for each individual pet; based on the pet's size. This ensures that your pet will travel in maximum comfort and safety.

If your pet suffers from joint problems, please let us know, and we will make the kennel a little wider.

Even if you are travelling First Class, your pet will have more room than you, and if you are not, he will be!

The special kennels used, not only comply with, but also exceed all known regulations. They are manufactured here by Andy - the ply is 12mm as required, and the running timber is top joinery quality. It is very rare that you will see a knot in our kennels - really is the best.

All the kennels, be they cat or dog kennels have two layers of wire mesh at the back and front - one layer inside and another on the outside.

To drill a ventilation hole through 12mm ply must take quite a time. To stop the ply splitting, it has to be drilled from either side. This may be why so many kennels we see do not have that many ventilation holes. It must be a slow process.

Very many years ago, we invested in an old Victorian Fly Press - it is magic, and we thought we would include a picture of it. One of the best investments ever made. It makes a slow process quick and with no risk of splintering.

Each kennel has at least one water bowl plumbed into the kennel. Dexter, a Newfoundland, had four 1.5 litre bowls plumbed into his.

The corners are rounded and the joints sanded. We take huge pride in what we do.

We are sometimes asked if we have an IPPC Number. We do, it is GB716 and is stamped on the sides of the kennel. It proves the timber has been heat treated and can therefore not be stopped somewhere in the world, which it could if the stamp was not there.

The destination, your name and your pet's name is stencilled on the kennel. Nothing is left to chance. Not often, but even we have to make compromises. Names that spring to mind are Mr. and Mrs. London going to New York; Mrs. Nelson going to Auckland, and a wonderful little dog called Paris. Life is not always easy.

Many years ago, our travelling kennels carried a mark - we have resurrected the branding iron and again thought you might like to see a picture. Does it depict a real dog? Certainly - his name was Sassy, a wonderful dog!