Quotes & Bookings

Golden Arrow Shippers Bookings Quotation

To start at the beginning, we need to know a few details about your pet. Every pet has a name and that we do need. If a cat, the breed and, big or small. Should he or she be a dog, the breed and measurements - the more you can tell us about your pet the better - if arthritic, we will make the travelling kennel a little bigger. Of course, we will also need the destination.

A quotation will be forwarded to you, usually the same day, by mail and/or e-mail.

Once a quotation has been accepted, we will then begin to put the shipment together - if the importing country charges for a Permit, we will ask for that money up front, but nothing else.

We do not ask for a deposit - and should you cancel, for whatever reason, there is no cancellation charge. We think that is fair.