Important Notice

After 50 years of continuous business, we have decided that we need a sabbatical. We are still here and still shipping, but are unable to handle any new enquiries for the time being.

If we have already provided a quote for you, or moved your pet in the past, then please do contact us.

We look forward to accepting new enquiries soon.

If you would like to contact Golden Arrow Shippers, please complete the form below, email or telephone us on 01588 680 240. Believe it or not, we can still be reached by mail at:

Golden Arrow Shippers,
Lydbury North,
United Kingdom

Although it may look like we're in the middle of nowhere, we are actually very easy to find (after all, Elena from Siberia managed it - if you do nothing else, you must read her story before you go!).

We really do love people to come here, meet us all, see the kennels and the type of travelling kennels we make. We have even had people camping here for the night, overlooking the lake, which is fun and lovely for us to be able to put a face to the name we have spoken to over the phone for ages!

Key in our postcode on Google or Bing Maps and you will see where we are - we share a lot of things, but not our postcode.

Shrewsbury is our nearest railway station and one can get there from all over the U.K. (and Siberia). We meet quite a lot of owners from all over the country in this way, and we won't charge to pick you up from the station.