The heading reads "Testimonials", but we still call them "Thank Yous" - be they post cards, letters, faxes and now e-mails.

No "Thank You" has ever been binned, which means there are thousands here, all filed in ring binders, of course. Are we hoarders? Just a little.

It should be easy to choose a handful from these thousands - it is not - it is hard.

However, hopefully the very small selection we have made will give you an idea of the service and total commitment you will receive from Golden Arrow Shippers.

So as you know last night we collected The Famous Four as they are now known, and we are so happy to have them back! They started squeaking when they heard us talking and seemed absolutely fine - as you know we were worried about Barry but all of them seemed calm and warm and dry (their paws were a little cold but they were fine!) and just curious! It's amazing to think they have travelled all that way and we too were holding our breaths, we've been on edge really until we knew they were here safe.

Barry, Brian, Margaret and Dorothy have some thank you's to send after Christmas but we'll give them a rest first, so in the meantime all that's left to say is a massive thank you for being so conscientious about everything from start to finish and ensuring they were delivered safely to us and in such a well built carrier. In fact, cargo said it was 5* compared to what they see!!! We were so pleased and so were the piggies, who seem happy to be back with us.

Barry, Brian, Margaret and Dorothy
Vancouver, Canada
December 2015

We picked up Daisy from the quarantine station today and she is fine. She was really glad to see us and has been back attached to my side ever since. We have taken her for a nice walk and given her a bath. She has eaten her tea and is now lying in her bed fast asleep.

I really must take this chance to thank you for everything that you have done along the way to make this whole process as easy as it possibly could be. We were delighted to have seen your facilities when we brought Daisy down for the start of her journey.

Daisy Prescott
Sydney, Australia
August 2014

I can't believe that nearly 2 weeks have flown by already since we collected Roly and Ruby from quarantine in Auckland.

I'm delighted to report that they are in very fine fettle indeed and seem to have taken their big adventure all in their stride. This is all credit to you and your team for not only taking the 'admin' burden off our shoulders; but also taking such great care of Roly and Ruby during their kennel stay with you prior to their travels and dealing with their final preparations too.

Roly and Ruby Dodd
Auckland, New Zealand
August 2014

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for taking all worry out of the many complex arrangements, veterinary, flight, quarantine and schedule of preparation necessary to make Tilly's journey a smooth and safe one. I have it on good authority that she arrived at Spotswood in a satisfactory condition and continued her period of stay without a problem. I was able to telephone about her easily.

Tilly Stonall
Melbourne, Australia
May 2014

I have been meaning to send you this letter for some time - my apologies for not doing sooner. Moving from one country to another had a lot more complexities than we anticipated and it's only now, 6 months later that we can finally feel settled.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your colleagues of the professionalism, efficiency and stress-free way in which you handled our affairs in transporting Finn and Muffy to Boston. The operation you run from your base in what appears to be a rural and remote, yet beautiful part of Shropshire is amazing. Both pets arrived at Logan fit and healthy, and acclimatised faster than we did! The ground staff at Logan were amazed at the quality and workmanship of the transport boxes and commented that they had never seen such "fine boxes". Picking them up and clearing customs was easy and quick, a testament to the paperwork and exit checks you guys did.

I have spoken to many ex-Pats with pets here in Boston and very few have had good experiences with transporting their animals - I am so delighted to have come across you and would recommend without hesitation you and your company.

Finn and Muffy Leahy
Boston, M.A. USA
October 2013