Australia & New Zealand

Golden Arrow Shippers New Zealand

Pet shipping to Australia and New Zealand is one of our main areas of expertise. These have always been our two most popular destinations, and for which we have produced specific guidance leaflets.

They are also popular enough for us to have personally visited all the Quarantine Stations in both countries - still the only shippers to have done so. Quite a thought. If there is anything you would like to know about them, please come back to us.

If you feel you must get started, then have your pet Microchipped, vaccinated against Rabies and book a Rabies blood test for three to four weeks later. If anyone tells you - whoever it is - that your pet does not need a Rabies blood test, they are wrong.

Australia and New Zealand are certainly different, but they do have some things in common, such as Permits, Quarantine, Rabies Vaccinatons, Rabies Blood Tests and so on - other things they do not share.

When we put a shipment together, we always send out a Testing Schedule - and if he's a dog heading for New Zealand, a Testing Kit as well - and a letter from our Vet for you to take to your Vet, explaining exactly what is required and when.

Both countries have Quarantine and this will be booked by us and the required Permits will also be obtained from here.

We have, over the years, put together a package which makes this whole operation as stress-free as possible. It works well, so well that it is Guaranteed.

If you would like to learn more about the details of shipping your pet to Australia or New Zealand, please contact us and we will send you further information.