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Golden Arrow Shippers Boxes in Transit

Should it not be possible for you to bring your pet to us, we can then either arrange a collection or a rendezvous. Meeting us at Heathrow - on a day when we are already there, is another option - and for which there is no charge. We would bring your pet home with us, so as the final bits and pieces can be taken care of.

On the day of the flight, all dogs will be exercised here. One of our runs is an acre and has 260 nut trees - no pet has yet visited every one - many have tried, but failed. He or she will then start their journey to the airport. Which airport your pet departs from will depend on the destination, but most of the long-haul flights leave from London Heathrow.

On arriving at the airport, he or she will have a final walk on British soil, before being handed over to the airline.

Again, remember - no charge is ever made for a cancellation or a postponement.

Pets up to 8 years old can be insured whilst in transit. The premium is reasonable and will be shown in the quotation.