The heading reads "Testimonials", but we still call them "Thank Yous" - be they post cards, letters, faxes and now e-mails.

No "Thank You" has ever been binned, which means there are thousands here, all filed in ring binders, of course. Are we hoarders? Just a little.

It should be easy to choose a handful from these thousands - it is not - it is hard.

However, hopefully the very small selection we have made will give you an idea of the service and total commitment you will receive from Golden Arrow Shippers.

I just wanted to let you know that Tilly has been released from quarantine and is settling beautifully to life with us in Mornington!!

She was looked after so well at Spotswood. I went to visit her twice a week and she didn't seem stressed at all!! She had a very handsome, brown spotted Dalmatian on one side and a pretty Husky with gorgeous blue eyes on the other side. Every time I went to visit, she was patiently sitting at the side of the entrance of her kennel where she could see the comings and goings of everyone.

Tilly Moore
Mornington, Australia
April 2013

I thought it was about time I emailed you about Jack. He finally arrived in Auckland after yet another delay! The pilot was taken ill and the plane had to turn back or something like that! Anyway I collected him last Thursday morning. He was one happy chappy!! He has been slightly clingy since, but I guess that is fairly normal.

Jack C.
Auckland, New Zealand
July 2012

We just wanted to write and thank you all very much for the help and attention that you gave to us in helping our cat Harry to move from the UK to New York.

Harry arrived safe and sound at JFK and was certainly very pleased to get out of the travel kennel and into the apartment where he has now made himself at home and settled in very well.

Harry C.
New York, USA
October 2010

I thought I would let you know that Logan arrived safely in New Zealand on 13th January 2008. He was in very good shape and was so excited to see us when he arrived!

We picked him up from Wellington, and after taking him for a short walk, we drove to my brother's house in New Plymouth, which is about 5 hours away. Logan slept pretty much the whole journey, apart from looking up every now and then from the back of the car to make sure that we were still there!

Logan Salt
Palmerston North, New Zealand
February 2008

I am just writing to express our thanks for ensuring the safe passage of our cat Oliver. If you remember, Oliver's paperwork did not match his microchip number thanks to an administrative error by the vet. The thought that Oliver may not travel for potentially many months caused us a great deal of distress but we could not have wished for better help than you gave us. We shall always remember the extra mile that you went to ensure Oliver only arrived 2 days late. Thank you so much.

Once again thank you so much for everything you did above and beyond what we expected.

Oliver James
Perth, Australia
November 2007