Lynn Moore

Golden Arrow Shippers Tilly Moore

I just wanted to let you know that Tilly has been released from quarantine and is settling beautifully to life with us in Mornington!!

She was looked after so well at Spotswood. I went to visit her twice a week and she didn't seem stressed at all!! She had a very handsome, brown spotted Dalmatian on one side and a pretty Husky with gorgeous blue eyes on the other side. Every time I went to visit, she was patiently sitting at the side of the entrance of her kennel where she could see the comings and goings of everyone.

I managed to clip her several days before her release date! She instantly seemed to shed pounds! (If only that would happen to me!!) I don't think she noticed me clipping her for the full hour because next to the clipping room was a cat sunbathing in her kennel which Tilly couldn't take her eyes off!!

Unbelievably, Tilly has been home with us now for 1 week and seems totally chilled out by the whole experience and enjoying Aussie life! A lot of the walks, she has to be on a leash, but there is one which is a lovely wooded area where dogs are permitted off the leash, and Tilly loves it. Thankfully, she doesn't stray too far from me (I do worry about snakes in the long grass) but she hasn't come across anything dangerous apart from a few thorns and brambles!! Also, we are 5 minutes drive from a fantastic beach which Tilly absolutely adores! There is no holding her back when she knows she's heading for the beach - she launches in!! We walk along the beach and she swims alongside. When it's time to go, she stands in the water as we call her to follow, not listening to us as she's not ready to come home yet - just one more swim!!

I can honestly say she seems so happy to be here with us in her new life in Oz! So much so, that normally she isn't allowed on the furniture but she has decided that we owe her one and that she deserves one cushion on the sofa that she can call hers because we abandoned her!! So we allow her this little luxury!!

Without your help, kindness and professionalism towards Tilly, we would have found this journey very hard to endure! So, from the bottom of our hearts we send you and all at Golden Arrow very big THANK YOU and know Tilly would say the same!

All our love

Lynn & Tilly Moore (Adrian, Matt & Amy too)