Nikki Dodd

Golden Arrow Shippers Testimonial

I can't believe that nearly 2 weeks have flown by already since we collected Roly and Ruby from quarantine in Auckland.

I'm delighted to report that they are in very fine fettle indeed and seem to have taken their big adventure all in their stride. This is all credit to you and your team for not only taking the 'admin' burden off our shoulders; but also taking such great care of Roly and Ruby during their kennel stay with you prior to their travels and dealing with their final preparations too.

It's very hard to choose a company to relocate the furry members of your family, when it's something you have never done before, and when faced with a complex set of rules and regulations to abide by in order to ensure their smooth entry to a new country. Together with all the other stresses of relocating house contents and human family members at the same time.

I would like to say a huge thanks to you and your team for making the process so stress-free for our dogs (and for us). The information you provided us with, at every step of the process, was clearly laid out and easy to understand - and you were right on the ball the whole time. I felt very confident from the outset, letting you guide us through the process - you most definitely did take away the dog-related stress from the situation - which, in turn, benefitted our dogs as they weren't living with a 'stressed out' owner!

We chose to put the dogs in your kennels for a couple of weeks before their departure from UK - the gentleman who collected them from home was wonderful with them - and instilled a feeling of confidence that they were in safe hands - he took his time to chat about the kennels and what their routine would be.

Talking to Fiss about the dogs while in kennels really, again, reassured me that they were in good hands - it was so nice to chat to her and hear her observations of their personalities - all adding to the feeling of confidence that they were being cared for in the true sense of the word. I must say that every time I have spoken to any of your team I have been reassured by your genuine care for the welfare of the dogs as individuals.

So, a huge thank you from the Dodd family for the brilliant service you provided us with at every step of the way. Most definitely a job very well done - thank you.

Obligatory family photos attached - Roly and Ruby in the back of the car on being collected from quarantine - obviously you get used to joyful reunions when you live with a spaniel - a visit to the loo without them results in a welcome back dance when you've been out of the room for 3 minutes ... well, let's just say it was a VERY joyful reunion when we collected them!!

And a photo of today's wet and windy walk on the beach over the road from our house - taken shortly after Ruby had launched herself into the sea and almost made it to the next Island in pursuit of a seagull!!

Thank you again, with very best wishes